Single Origin Craft Chocolate Bars

When we decided to launch our two-ingredient single origin 70% dark
chocolate line, we focused on finding 4 distinct naturally flavored non-bitter
cacao origins that are obviously recognizable from each other’s by the
average palate. We made sure that the chosen origins have certain
characteristics and sophistication enough to attract and overwhelm all
palates levels from the very new to the craft chocolate world all the way to
chocoholic, foodies and connoisseurs.
We experimented and worked on accurate roasting profile, multi-level
aging of the bean and the chocolate to bring the best possible flavor. We
pressed any needed cacao butter from the same bean to maintain a true
single-origin couverture and keep it at its purest natural uniform flavor, to
honor the soil, the tree, the bean, and the farmer.
Our bean selection notes range from the amusing fruitiness of the
Sambirano Valley, Madagascar with deep apricot notes, to the classic
chocolate lover with toasted coconut and caramel notes of the Arriba
Nacional of Ecuador, to the refreshing, creamy, earthy, spicy cinnamon/
sarsaparilla notes of the Hispaniola beans from Dominican Republic all the
way to the most complex and overwhelming Marañon River of Peru with
multiple swings starting from floral/butterscotch to distinct tart
cherries all the way to dried fruits like raisin/prunes/plums/Black
currant/figs notes.
We aim to work closely with farmers and brokers with long time reputation
in the industry and develop good and solid relations with them. We expect
consistency in fermentation techniques, quality initial bean grading and
quality storage. We always make sure to generously compensate the
farmers and be more than fair with the brokers to ensure we’re getting the
desired quality and a steady supply.



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